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Begonia COOL BREEZE™ Series
Entirely new Begonia crosses from the TERRA NOVA® breeding team! The COOL BREEZE™ Series is one of the most economical foliage Begonias to grow because of its unparalleled tolerance to cool temperatures. These TERRA NOVA® Begonias require growing conditions above 55º Fahrenheit (13º Celsius). However, once established, they can tolerate temperatures down to 38º (3º Celsius) Fahrenheit without damage. A great summer garden addition that has more applications than any Begonia group in the past. Durable and beautiful! Cool Breeze™ Begonias have remained looking great even into December here in Oregon where frost doesn't descend directly on the foliage. Combine with Poinsettias in combo pots to set yourself apart from the everyday crop!
 Begonia 'Cool Breeze Emerald' 
'Cool Breeze Emerald'

 Begonia 'Cool Breeze Glacier' 
'Cool Breeze Glacier'

 Begonia 'Cool Breeze Rouge' 
'Cool Breeze Rouge'

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  • New for 2017Agastache 'Morello'
  • New for 2017Begonia 'Citra'
  • New for 2017Begonia DANCING PEACOCK™
  • New for 2017Begonia HOLIDAY™ 'Jolly Holly'
  • New for 2017Begonia HOLIDAY™ 'Silver Bells'
  • New for 2017Begonia HOLIDAY™ 'Snowflake'
  • New for 2017Begonia HOLIDAY™ 'Spirit'
  • New for 2017Begonia NAUTILUS™ Exotic
  • New for 2017Begonia NAUTILUS™ Lilac
  • New for 2017Begonia NAUTILUS™ Moonlit
  • New for 2017Begonia NAUTILUS™ Ruby
  • New for 2017Begonia NAUTILUS™ Supreme
  • New for 2017Begonia SHADE ANGEL™ Pearl
  • New for 2017Begonia SPECTRE™ Silver
  • New for 2017Begonia T REX™ 'Stardust'
  • New for 2017Coleus TERRA NOVA® 'Scarlet Ibis'
  • New for 2017Echinacea KISMET™ Red
  • New for 2017Echinacea KISMET™ Yellow
  • New for 2017Geum TEMPO™ Orange
  • New for 2017Heuchera FOREVER™ Red
  • New for 2017Heuchera NORTHERN EXPOSURE™ Silver
  • New for 2017Heuchera 'Topaz Jazz'
  • New for 2017Heucherella 'Onyx'
  • New for 2017Leucanthemum 'Adorable'
  • New for 2017Leucanthemum 'Coconut'
  • New for 2017Lewisia CONSTANT™ Coral
  • New for 2017Lewisia CONSTANT™ Fuchsia
  • New for 2017Scrophularia CARDINALE™ Red
  • New for 2017Tanacetum RADIANT™ Deep Pink
  • New for 2017Tanacetum RADIANT™ Light Pink
  • New for 2017Thalictrum NIMBUS™ Pink
  • New for 2017Thalictrum NIMBUS™ White
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