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TERRA NOVA® is well known for having the best selection of quality, garden-worthy Tiarellas with an amazing range of foliage shapes and patterns. Our dark-centered beauties range from low trailing forms like 'Happy Trails' to large clumping forms like 'Candy Striper'. Designers can use our many forms of this American native as a wonderful shade solution for both new and mature landscapes. They are perfect neutral fillers.
Breeder's Goals for Tiarella
Unique leaf characteristics including shapes, textures and patterns
Compact flowers that rebloom
Multi-seasonal interest - attractive in spring, summer, fall and winter
Mildew resistance
Trailers designed for dry shady areas and fillers for containers
Perfect for perennial containers - 1st up in the spring and DO NOT mind being covered in the summer
Trailers can replace English Ivy
 Tiarella 'Appalachian Trail' 
'Appalachian Trail'

 Tiarella 'Candy Striper' 
'Candy Striper'

 Tiarella 'Cascade Creeper' 
'Cascade Creeper'

 Tiarella 'Crow Feather' 
'Crow Feather'

 Tiarella 'Happy Trails' 
'Happy Trails'

 Tiarella 'Jeepers Creepers' 
'Jeepers Creepers'

 Tiarella 'Oregon Trail' 
'Oregon Trail'

 Tiarella 'Pacific Crest' 
'Pacific Crest'

 Tiarella 'Pink Skyrocket' 
'Pink Skyrocket'

 Tiarella 'Spring Symphony' 
'Spring Symphony'

 Tiarella 'Sugar and Spice' 
'Sugar and Spice'

 Tiarella 'Sunset Ridge' 
'Sunset Ridge'

 Tiarella SYLVAN™ Lace 

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  • New for 2017Agastache 'Morello'
  • New for 2017Begonia 'Citra'
  • New for 2017Begonia DANCING PEACOCK™
  • New for 2017Begonia HOLIDAY™ 'Jolly Holly'
  • New for 2017Begonia HOLIDAY™ 'Silver Bells'
  • New for 2017Begonia HOLIDAY™ 'Snowflake'
  • New for 2017Begonia HOLIDAY™ 'Spirit'
  • New for 2017Begonia NAUTILUS™ Exotic
  • New for 2017Begonia NAUTILUS™ Lilac
  • New for 2017Begonia NAUTILUS™ Moonlit
  • New for 2017Begonia NAUTILUS™ Ruby
  • New for 2017Begonia NAUTILUS™ Supreme
  • New for 2017Begonia SHADE ANGEL™ Pearl
  • New for 2017Begonia SPECTRE™ Silver
  • New for 2017Begonia T REX™ 'Stardust'
  • New for 2017Coleus TERRA NOVA® 'Scarlet Ibis'
  • New for 2017Echinacea KISMET™ Red
  • New for 2017Echinacea KISMET™ Yellow
  • New for 2017Geum TEMPO™ Orange
  • New for 2017Heuchera FOREVER™ Red
  • New for 2017Heuchera NORTHERN EXPOSURE™ Silver
  • New for 2017Heuchera 'Topaz Jazz'
  • New for 2017Heucherella 'Onyx'
  • New for 2017Leucanthemum 'Adorable'
  • New for 2017Leucanthemum 'Coconut'
  • New for 2017Lewisia CONSTANT™ Coral
  • New for 2017Lewisia CONSTANT™ Fuchsia
  • New for 2017Scrophularia CARDINALE™ Red
  • New for 2017Tanacetum RADIANT™ Deep Pink
  • New for 2017Tanacetum RADIANT™ Light Pink
  • New for 2017Thalictrum NIMBUS™ Pink
  • New for 2017Thalictrum NIMBUS™ White
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