1992 – Dan Heims, Ken Brown, Jody Brown, and Lynne Bartenstein formed TERRA NOVA® Nurseries, Inc. They purchased a ”used” tissue culture lab equipment and erected a modest 10 foot x 30 foot greenhouse on Dan Heims’ property to house stock plants and allow controlled breeding. A tissue culture lab was built on Ken Browns’ property to begin new plants for tissue culture production. The company also worked with B&B Laboratories for production of new plants. Marketing was in a shared catalog with B&B Laboratories.

1995 – TERRA NOVA® Nurseries, Inc. bought Macksburg Greenhouses in Canby Oregon, adding 12,000 square feet of production to their line. Began construction of the second lab on the Canby site and planting fields with trial plants and stock. This year they produced a new 20 page color catalog, and released a CD-ROM of photographs of their plants. Breeding work continues with improved flower and foliage forms and for the first time, the combination of the two.

1996 – Breeding program continues with breakthroughs in Pulmonaria, Tiarella, and Heuchera, especially in flowering types.

1997 – TERRA NOVA® Nurseries website launched in February and they completed their 2nd lab expansion essentially doubling their lab’s size and adding 9,000 additional square feet to their greenhouses.

1998 – TERRA NOVA® Nurseries was completing greenhouse expansion, and built a cooler facility, this will double their capacity. Produced a new and expanded color catalog with a CD-ROM a first for a nursery of their size. Only thirteen patents were written and submitted at this point.

2000 – Greenhouse expansion and stock bed expansion completed. Tiarella ‘Iron Butterfly’ featured at Hardy’s Gold Medal winning booth at RHS (Royal Horticulture Society) Chelsea show in England. Two other medals won with TERRA NOVA® Plants at Plantarium in Holland. Greenhouse expansion and stock bed expansion completed. RHS in Wisley undergoing trials for 200 Heuchera, many of which were contributed by TERRA NOVA®.

2001 – Purchased 2 new pieces of property for development, quadrupling TERRA NOVA® Nurseries’ space. Nursery expansion continued. Numerous new awards including; the Theodore Klein Plant Award in Kentucky, Winner of a Gold Medal at Keukenhof 2001 in Holland, Winner of a Gold Medal at Keukenhof 2001 in Holland, Winner of a Gold Certificate at Coursonne in France for Heuchera ‘Can Can’. Winner of a Gold Medal at Keukenhof 2001 in Holland.