Heuchera NORTHERN EXPOSURE™ Collection

Heucheras are native only to North America. There are none to be found in Asia, Europe, Africa or South America. That’s a bit surprising considering the huge number of genera that have relatives on a number of continents.

The idea behind breeding the NORTHERN EXPOSURE™ Collection came from a need to increase the hardiness of TERRA NOVA®’s breeding to reach a wider audience in northern climates. Breeding in a species found in northern Saskatchewan, Canada; TERRA NOVA® achieved its goal and then some.

The NORTHERN EXPOSURE™’s trialed superbly from Miami to Minneapolis. The tolerance for heat and humidity came as a great and welcome surprise.

The NORTHERN EXPOSURE™ Collection features a dense, multi-crown habit and Pelargonium shaped foliage. The flowers of this series are just the right height, in perfect scale for pot production or garden planting. This series combines the attributes of a workhorse perennial and the super showy nature of the best Terra Nova Heucheras. We think that this is going to be a series that will be widely grown. It seems nothing fazes this group; cold winters, humid, hot summers and just plain rainy weather are not going stop them from providing the easiest perennial color possible.

• New breeding using ultra-hardy H. richardsonii
• This species is native up to the northern plains of Canada
• Long-lived landscape plants
• Multiple crowns, clear colors & once-blooming
• Great rust resistance