Athyrium 'Plumosum Axminster'Athyrium 'Plumosum Axminster'

Athyrium ‘Plumosum Axminster’


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A Lady Fern having delicate and lacy leaflets with a lighter than usual hue, almost chartreuse. It performs well in wet areas

USDA Hardiness Zone(s): 4-9
Size (HT/W/FL HT): 30″ / 30″ / –“
Exposure: Part Shade, Full Shade
Bloom Time(s):

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Common Name

Plumose Lady Fern







Plant Type


US Patent #

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Bloom Time

Flower Color

Foliage Color




[Part Shade](/product-category/exposure/part-shade/), [Full Shade](/product-category/exposure/full-shade/)

Growth Habit


Growth Rate


Hardiness Zone

[4](/product-category/hardiness-zone/4/), [5](/product-category/hardiness-zone/5/), [6](/product-category/hardiness-zone/6/), [7](/product-category/hardiness-zone/7/), [8](/product-category/hardiness-zone/8/), [9](/product-category/hardiness-zone/9/)

How Different?

This is a clone and therefore not variable. Axminster types are hard to find. This particular clone has a very distinct look.

Landscape Value

Woodland gardens, under high branching shrubs, shade garden accent.

Most Active Growing Season




Size (HT/W/FL HT)

30" / 30" / –"

Soil (Garden)

Fertile, rich, moist soil with good porosity.

Water (Garden)

This plant likes humidity, so keep it evenly moist. Drought can force plants into dormancy.

Special Uses

[Deep South](/product-category/special-uses/deep-south/), [Deer Resistant](/product-category/special-uses/deer-resistant/)


This plant is not salt tolerant and will not tolerate full sun. When shipped dormant, it must be allowed to complete the 12 weeks of dormancy. It is normal for Athyrium roots to be black.

Water (Greenhouse) This plant likes humidity, so keep evenly moist. Drought can force plants into dormancy.
EC 0.5 – 0.7
pH 5.5 – 6.5
Fertility Needs 50 – 75 ppm
Notes Recommend transplanting to a 4″ from a 72 cell size.
Finish Time to 4″ 6 – 8 weeks
Finish Time to Gallon 8 – 10 weeks
Day Length for Flowering Day Neutral
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Athyrium 'Plumosum Axminster' - Growing Recipe

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