Pulmonaria 'High Contrast'Pulmonaria 'High Contrast'

Pulmonaria ‘High Contrast’

'High Contrast' has brilliantly contrasting foliage and one of the best track records of all of our Pulmonaria in the hot summers of the Midwest and South. Large pink flowers fade to blue over mildew resistant foliage. Nice mounding habit. The wavy, spear-shaped leaves are dark green, infused with melting silver.

USDA Hardiness Zone(s): 4-9
Size (HT/W/FL HT): 9″ / 18″ / 9″
Exposure: Part Shade
Bloom Time(s):

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Common Name





Plant Type

US Patent #


Hardiness Zone

, , , , ,

Growth Habit

Size (HT/W/FL HT)

9" / 18" / 9"

Finish Time

Growth Rate

Most Active Growing Season


Flowering Season


Flower Color

, ,

Leaf Color





Special Uses

, , ,

Nutritional Needs

150 – 200 ppm


Dormancy Required, Dormant in Winter, Dormancy Required to Grow, Dormancy Required to Flower, Dormancy Over Winter

Water (Greenhouse)

Dry moderately between waterings

Water (Garden)

Prefers average to moist soil

How Different?

It has a vigorous mounding habit, well marked leaves, large flower size, and no mildew problems.

Landscape Value

Shade garden, mixed beds, under high branching shrubs, woodland.

Finish Time to 4"

6 weeks


This is another Pulmonaria that can handle full sun in the Pacific Northwest. Plants wilt rapidly if the soil is too dry. Can be root pruned when grow too large for pot. Crown will re-root quickly. Pulmonaria prefer their roots cool.

Grower Notes

8 wk vernalization required for flowering, plant size. Transplant to 1-gal. pots late summer/early fall for full plants in late winter.

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Pulmonaria 'High Contrast'Download Pulmonaria 'High Contrast'Download
Pulmonaria 'High Contrast'Download  
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