Coreopsis 'Snowberry'Coreopsis 'Snowberry'

Coreopsis ‘Snowberry’

Like raspberries dropped in the snow, these creamy-white flowers are splashed with an eye patch of dark red. Multitudes of large 1½” wide flowers bloom all summer atop dark green foliage. Works well in the mixed border or used in containers.

USDA Hardiness Zone(s): 6-10
Size (HT/W/FL HT): 26″ / 32″ / 28″
Exposure: Full Sun
Bloom Time(s): June, July, August, September

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Common Name

Hybrid tickseed




Plant Type

US Patent #


Hardiness Zone

, , , ,

Growth Habit

Size (HT/W/FL HT)

26" / 32" / 28"

Finish Time

Bloom Time

, , ,

Growth Rate

Most Active Growing Season

Flowering Season


Flower Color


Leaf Color


Average, well-drained


Special Uses


Nutritional Needs

50 – 100 ppm


Dormant in Winter, Dormancy Over Winter

Water (Greenhouse)

Dry moderately between waterings

Water (Garden)


How Different?

It is similar in habit to 'Gold Nugget' or 'Autumn Blush' with creamy white flowers with red eyes.

Landscape Value

Use in mixed beds and borders, as a mass planting, an accent, or in a container.

Finish Time to 4"

4 – 6 weeks


NOTE: a long day plant. Will be taller and need to be cut back if grown too early in the winter. Given 4/5 points in trials at Disneyworld in Florida warm season 2016.

Grower Notes

Grow with 55 – 60° F nights and 60 – 70° F days. Pinch when transplanting. Obligate Long Day plant. Provide night interruption or daylength extension to force flowering under natural short days. Supplemental lighting during cloudy days has proven beneficial for flower production.

Coreopsis 'Snowberry'Download Coreopsis 'Snowberry'Download
Coreopsis 'Snowberry'Download Coreopsis 'Snowberry'Download
Coreopsis 'Snowberry'Download Coreopsis 'Snowberry'Download
Coreopsis 'Snowberry'Download  
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