Sedum 'Cherry Truffle'Sedum 'Cherry Truffle'

Sedum ‘Cherry Truffle’

Multiple crowns of upright foliage are painted in purple, black, green and gray. With the summer sun, they turn to a velvety purple black. This compact grower fills a gallon pot quickly, which reflects the TERRA NOVA® breeding model, improving the overall habit of the genus. Warmpink flowers top the plant in mid-July. Find out why some of the world's largest nurseries are replacing all their old Sedums with TERRA NOVA®'s varieties.

USDA Hardiness Zone(s): 4-9
Size (HT/W/FL HT): 16″ / 24″ / 18″
Exposure: Full Sun
Bloom Time(s):

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Common Name







Plant Series

Plant Type



US Patent #


EU Grant #


Hardiness Zone

, , , , ,

Growth Habit

Size (HT/W/FL HT)

16" / 24" / 18"

Finish Time

Growth Rate

Most Active Growing Season

Flowering Season


Flower Color

Leaf Color

, ,


Very good drainage and mineral soil.


5.8 – 7.2


Special Uses


Nutritional Needs

75 – 100 ppm


Dormant in winter.

Water (Greenhouse)

Dry completely between waterings.

Water (Garden)

Low to moderate needs in the garden. Requires good drainage.

How Different?

Compared to 'Raspberry Truffle' and 'Chocolate Drop' it is a fuller plant with more crowns and a different foliage shade. Spring foliage color is purple red brown and summer foliage is glossy red black.

Landscape Value

Showy foliage and flowers. Use for the border, rock garden or parking strip.

Finish Time to 4"

8 – 10 weeks


These plants grow best in well-drained, lean soil.

Grower Notes

Obligate long day plant. Pinch 1 week after transplant. Grow with 60°-65° F nights, 75°-80° F days. Provide night interruption or day-length extension to force flowering under natural short days. Supplemental lighting during cloudy days has proven beneficial for flower production. AVOID CHEMICAL SPRAYS.

Sedum 'Cherry Truffle' - Product Profile
Sedum 'Cherry Truffle' - Growing Recipe

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Sedum 'Cherry Truffle'Download Sedum 'Cherry Truffle'Download
Sedum 'Cherry Truffle'Download Sedum 'Cherry Truffle'Download
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